Shopping Mall Construction Set


Shopping  Mall Construction Set

Figures and props to build a shopping mall or any kind of shop or business.

What's Included:

-Figures with movable parts: Automatic Doors, Door, Emergency Exit, Shop Entrance.
-Props: Beam, Bench, Bin, Column (detailed), Column (simple), Counter, Exterior Wall, Floor (big), Floor (l small), Floor (large), Floor (small), Glass, Planter, Planter (empty), Planter (island), Railing, Scalators, Shelf, Sign, Signboard, Stand, Storefront 1, Storefront 2, Wall (detailed), Wall (simple)
-Textures: Concrete, Granite, Tile, Exterior floor, Ceiling.
    -Shop sign textures: Arcade, Books, Burger, Candies, Donuts, Electronics, Fashion, Games, Girls Clothing, Info, Music, Outlet, Pizza, Sports, Toys.

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