Cat Girl PosesGo BAk


35 cute and graceful feline poses. Ideal for catgirls and feline characters. Very useful for action or glamour renders. For Victoria 4.2 (results may vary slightly when applied to Aiko, Stephanie, The Girl...) It includes Cat ears and Tail smartprops with 3 different textures for Victoria4, Aiko4 and TheGirl4

35 Poses Including: Cat Walk 1, Cat walk 2, Cat walk 3, Cautious, Claw, Climbing, Crawl, Determined, Drinking Milk, Fall on feet, Falling, Hunting, Jumping on prey, Kneeling, KungFu Leopard, KungFu Tiger, Leap, Lick Wounds, Long Jump, Lying, Meow, On Knees, Ready to Scratch, Running, Scratch, Showing Claw, Sneaky, Sneaky Walking, Standing Claws, Twirl, Vaulting, Walking Stretched, Walking1, Walking2, Watchful.


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