Tuning for any carGo BAk


Props and accesories to customize any car from your runtime. Morphing bumpers, spoilers, rims, car audio and interior accesories...


What's Included:
-Morphing Front bumper (with 22 morphs)
-Morphing Rear Bumper (with 23 morphs)
-Morphing Side Skirts (with 19 morphs)
-6 Air intakes (Including Poseable Bug Catcher)
-2 Exhaust tails
-2 exhaust mufflers
-1 perforated exhaust
-4 Spoilers
-4 Flaps (with carbon fiber texture as default)
-5 Spoiler Brackets
-3 Spoiler Desks (with aluminium texture as default)
-3 kinds of Foglights (2 of them include removable support and cover)
-Aviation style Gas Cap
-2 Grids
-Bucket Seat
-Gauge with 6 texture versions (Boost, EGT, Oil, RPM, Speed and Voltage)
-steering Wheel
-3 Pedal Covers (Clutch, Brake and Gas)
-Gear Shift Knob
-Led Strip
-Nitrous Oxide Bottle (with removable/poseable support and tube)
-2 License Plates
-Power Amplifier
-LCD Screen
-2 Car Stereos
-Speaker with removable grid texture
-Custom Trunk Layout with transparent compartment
-9 Wheels

-6 textures for gauges (Boost, EGT, Oil, RPM, Speed and Voltage) pose (.pz2) and material (.mc6) versions
-8 Led colors + Led off texture (for props that include leds) pose (.pz2) and material (.mc6) versions
-Show/Hide Bolts and screws pose (.pz2) and material (.mc6) versions
-Show/Hide speakers grid pose (.pz2) and material (.mc6) versions

-6 extra Poser only materials (.mt5): Aluminium, Car Paint, Carbon Fiber, Checkered Plate, Chrome and Invisible texture to replace parts with new ones.

-Morph bumpers and side skirts to fit any car from your runtime
-Create custom exhausts combining basic exhaust props
-Create Custom spoilers and wings combining flaps, desks, brackets or other spoilers
-Gauges, Shift Knob, Led Strip, LCD Screen, Stereos, Power Amplifier and Speaker incorporate Led light glow in 8 colors + light off texture
-LCD and stereo Screens can be replaced with any image file
-Customize some parts with your own logo (gear knobs, rims, plates, steering wheel...) 

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